The Piranha TRIGGER Wireless controller RUNS ON A 2.4g Wireless connection to PC or Android Devices, a fully wireless controller with super low latency. But can also be used as a wired controller with the included 3m / 9ft braided USB cable for easy use. The Piranha TRIGGER controller supports Xinput, Dinput and Mouse mode, and is compatible with PC Windows7/Vista/8/10 – Steam OS – Android™ 4.0 and with XBOX ONE® Streaming to Windows 10. Fell the rumble with the explosive vibration feedback, and fire away on your enemies with the enhanced trigger buttons. PIRANHA provides precise control with super accurate analog sticks alongside a responsive D-Pad. On the controller is extensive comfort grips on each side too keep you on the grind during the longest of gaming sessions, all of the above features are to find on the all new Piranha TRIGGER Wireless controller. Includes the 3m braided USB cable and 2 pcs AA Batteries.

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  • Low Latency
    The Wireless 2.4G module is proven to provide a trust worthy connection to your device of choice, this will secure a stable connection during gaming sessions with zero lag. For the most complete and wireless gaming experience.

  • Vibration Feedback
    Go to war, race the streets or fight the future cyborgs! The TRIGGER controller will make sure you feel every bomb, rev of the engine or laser-beam firing at you. The intense vibration from the controller will but you at the center of entertainment.

  • Wireless or Wired
    Whether you are a couch gamer enjoying the wireless freedom of the future, or a competitive gamer in need of the most reliable setup available during nail biting matches. We got you covered.
    Use the TRIGGER in wired or wireless mode. And get gaming.

  • Android™ – STEAM OS – Windows
    Are you a demanding gamer with more than one platform of choice? Not to worry. TRIGGER fully supports Android™ – STEAM OS – Windows7/Vista/8/10 and XBOX ONE® Streaming to Windows 10 – Use your favorite equipment on all of your platforms.